Hear what former Inner Yoga student Freya Bernadette has to say about our Training

Yin Teacher Training

Choosing the right 200 hour yoga teacher training can feel like a pretty overwhelming decision; with so many options, styles and locations to choose from around the world it can feel like the possibilities are endless and it can be tricky to know which option will be the best for you. We sat down with former inner yoga student Freya Bernadette and asked her to share her experience with us at inner yoga and offer some insight on her experience with the accommodation, the food and the location. If you have burning questions about what it’s really like on our 200hr Vinyasa and Yin Teacher Training keep reading to find out more

Hi Freya, can you give us a little introduction of yourself and why you decided to do a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training  

I was first introduced to yoga at the age of 19 after a severe foot injury forced me to quit my dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. I found myself a little lost and unsure of what direction to take my life in; I was studying at university at the time and generally feeling a little overwhelmed about what to do. My boss at a little café I worked in at the time recommended that I started practicing yoga to help focus my mind and bring me down to earth a little (I’ve always been very floaty!) I started taking classes at the gym on campus and then later found a beautiful studio in the city that became my haven. Yoga completely transformed my life and took me on a completely new direction. I decided to leave my home in New Zealand and move to the middle east to work for Emirates Airlines. Yoga was always a constant for me, it helped me so much with the stresses of flying [as a flight attendant] my health and even with the constant jet-lag. As my time in Dubai came to an end, I decided to follow my passion and pursue a full-time career in yoga; I quit my job and began searching for 200 hour yoga teacher training  options.

Where did you hear about Inner Yoga? 

I honestly just found it scrolling through Retreat Guru, I think the first thing that stood out was the beautiful picture of the retreat, it was stunning and I remember thinking how perfect it would be to study there. The other thing that I was drawn to was the two styles in the training [Vinyasa and Yin], I knew that having two styles would give me a broad knowledge of yoga and also a competitive edge when looking for work as a teacher.

Why did you choose to do your training with inner yoga? 

I loved that it was an all-inclusive training, it’s not that common to find this option in the area for such a good price with accommodation, meals and training all included. I also loved the location; I had travelled to Ubud many times before and honestly couldn’t think of a better place to spend a on a 3-week retreat. As I mentioned before the two styles of Vinyasa and Yin was super unique and a massive part of my decision-making process. For me, it was honestly the perfect option.

What was your favorite part about the training? 

Oh, it’s so hard to pick a favorite part… but if I have to pick, I’d have to say the teachers and the staff, they make you feel like family, they are so caring and kind and genuinely made me feel so at home.

What do you think the most valuable thing was that you took away from your experience? 

I think I’d have to say the knowledge from the teachers, they were so educated in their craft and passionate about what they do, I really felt like I was getting the best training and knowledge from them. I loved how they made the experience fun and creative, it was magical.

What was the most memorable part of your training? 

I think it was honestly the retreat itself and the food! Azadi is gorgeous, it’s like staying at your own private resort, the rooms are beautiful, the pool, the yoga Shala and the location are all breathtaking, I had to keep pinching myself every morning when I woke up, I felt so lucky to be there every day. The food was wonderful, there were so many delicious and healthy options to choose from every day, the variety was great and I loved how fresh everything was.

Which accommodation option did you choose and what did you like about it? 

I chose the 3 person share and it was perfect, I felt a little nervous about sharing with two other people but the organization of the room meant that there was enough space for everyone’s things and the mosquito nets on the bed gave a sense of having your own private space to sleep.

What did you do in your spare time?

I found that Ubud had so many amazing attractions and activities and things to do every day of the week, on one of our days off we found a local tour guide that took us out to the traditional Balinese coffee plantations, rice fields monkey forest, waterfalls and local markets. Another day we decided to take a yoga class at the Yoga Barn and then go to the Alchemist for a beautiful raw vegan lunch, we then explored the shops and cafes in Ubud town before finishing the day at Moksha café for dinner, in the middle of the jungle. On our last day off we relaxed at the pool and enjoyed lunch and dinner at Azadi before spending the rest of the evening in the yoga Shala listing to music and chatting. After our graduation we all enjoyed a dinner together at a beautiful Indian restaurant in town and explored the streets together finding a place for a manicure and a massage.

Do you feel like the training gave you the skills and knowledge to begin teaching straight away?

Absolutely, not only did I feel like my personal practice was enriched but I felt confident in all the wisdom and knowledge imparted on me from the teachers to go out into the world and share my practice with others.

How did you find Ubud and the location of the retreat?

Beautiful. Ubud is one of the best places in my opinion for inner transformation and peace, it’s full of like-minded yogis, amazing food and stunning nature. I couldn’t think of a better place.

How was the food? 

Delicious, especially the breakfast it was so colorful, vibrant, tasty and nutritious.

What were some unexpected things about the training or retreat?

The genuine kindness and care from the staff and the teachers, I felt so welcomed from the minute I arrived.

Did the training meet your expectations?

Definitely. It was wonderful

Would you recommend inner yoga to a friend?

100% I would recommend Inner Yoga to anyone looking for a yoga teacher training Bali, its worry-free, affordable and a truly magical experience. I can’t recommend it enough

For more information and to find out about our up-coming trainings visit www.inneryogatraining.com or email us [email protected]