200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – How to know that it is for you?

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - How to know that it is for you?

When you are planning to go for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, there are certain doubts that are sure to arise before taking this move. Are you good enough or can you sign up for it without having any experience, all these thoughts are natural to cross your mind when you are thinking to take up Yoga Teacher Training. To become a Yoga instructor, one should introspect about a few things and then take the final decision. One should know each and everything clearly before joining the training. So, given below are a few points that you should consider before going for extensive training.

Your level of practice

Ideally, you should have some experience before going for a Yoga Teacher Training, but this does not mean that one should be an expert in Yoga.  Your role as a Yoga teacher is the one that your students will look up to. But, if you don’t have any experience, then joining the training will definitely give you one-up. Keep in mind to not expect anything unrealistic like instant success or instant results, because this will only lead to loss of interest.

The willingness to learn

Commitment is the key to a successful 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. If you lack in delivering the required time and energy, then the results will turn out to be futile. You should always give in the time and energy to practice different asanas, the philosophy, and anatomy of Yoga, the techniques of meditation and pranayama. If you already have the experience, then to give your full commitment to get a better understanding of the art of Yoga.

Go with all the props and gear

Though the most important thing to become a Yoga instructor is the willingness to learn, being prepared with all the necessities like a Yoga mat, a bag, Yoga pants, will prove to be a boon in encouraging you to learn more. Plus, the style of Yoga that you choose also matters. If you need a more relaxing style, go for the restorative style of Yoga, and if you want to get more zeal, go for the powerful styles of Yoga like Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

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