Tips on How to Start Teaching After Your 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

So you’ve just completed your 200hr yin and vinyasa teacher training with us at Inner Yoga and you are feeling energized, motivated and full of new skills and knowledge that you are ready to share with the world! But how do you start teaching? And more importantly how do you build a client base and kick start your yoga career? This blog will give you five tips of the trade to get your teaching career off the ground and set you up on your way to become a successful yoga teacher!

Start teaching right away 

With all the new information and knowledge you have absorbed over the four-week course its important to hit the ground running once you return home and start to teach right away. Initially this could mean just teaching your family and friends or teaching donation classes in your community. A great way to start is to create a Facebook page and/or Instagram for your yoga profile and invite your friends and family to your home or local park/community center for some classes. Starting off small at first with people you know and trust is a great way to get feedback on your teaching and to develop your confidence as a teacher.

Start by teaching yourself  

Another good way to start is to practice teaching on yourself while you run through a yoga sequence; you can verbally cue yourself or simply run through the cues in your head to practice teaching others, it also helps to get yourself used to teaching alongside movement and to develop your teaching style.

Teach in your community 

Are yoga classes wildly expensive in the city you live in? If so, there could be a great opportunity to teach community classes for students or people earning a lower income. Reach out to your local community on social media, at your local universities and community centers and offer affordable classes in local parks, schools, halls or rentable studios. Shop around for the best prices for renting a space and start to build a regular client base by having regular classes.

Offer yoga in your workplace  

Corporate wellness is becoming increasingly popular among companies as the health benefits of yoga and meditation become more proven to increase happiness, positivity and productivity in the workplace. Pitch the idea to your manager or boss to offer short meditation or yoga sessions at the office or even reach out to your friends and family that work in corporate jobs to see if they would like some yoga classes at their place!

Get online  

Online classes have become so much more popular in the last few months, with many of us spending a lot more time in our homes and many yoga studios still being closed due to lockdown conditions. Platforms such as zoom, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are easy and great ways to build an online teaching presence. You don’t need to invest a lot either, filming with your cellphone is more than enough to create good quality videos! Just be sure to check the angle of the camera and the audio before you start filming. Utilizing your existing friends on Facebook and Instagram and offering online classes to them is a great way to practice teaching and grow your audience.

When it comes to starting off on your yoga teacher teaching journey, be creative, innovative and use all the resources and contacts you have around you. It can take a little time to build up your client base and get “known” in your area so be patient, positive and most importantly, have fun!