5 Different Forms Of Yoga For Yoga Teacher Training

5 different forms of Yoga for Yoga Teacher Training

With having sumptuous options regarding Yoga, it becomes a hassle to choose the form of Yoga that fits your personality the best. Be it the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training or the Yin Yoga Teacher Training, both and others as well have the unique characteristics that make them stand out as different forms of Yoga. It is a possibility that you might have tried Yoga before, but you are unaware of the exact form of it. Having said this, Yoga Teacher Training that you choose should be as per your need like the powerful one or the restorative one. So, to keep you away from the perplexing situation of finding out about the forms of Yoga, here are a few of the Yoga forms explained for you.

Vinyasa Yoga

Most of the gyms and studios comprise their Yoga routine of Vinyasa Yoga which is the synchronization of breath with movements. Vinyasa Yoga follows the flowing sequence and is a form of moving meditation. For Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, one should know that the Yoga is practiced mostly in a dark room or in front of candlelight with your eyes shut.

Yin Yoga

Unlike Yang Yoga, which is muscle forming; Yin Yoga is known for lengthening of the connective tissues and is revolves around the idea of getting comfortable in a pose without focusing on transitions. In the Yin Yoga Teacher Training, the muscles are allowed to relax and Yoga is usually done with the use of props.

Ashtanga Yoga

The meaning of Ashtanga is the eight limbs and the form is famously known as the traditional form of Yoga. And, taking you through a sequence of postures, this form synchronizes breaths with movements. This form encompasses Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, a standing and closing sequence.

Iyengar Yoga

The Iyengar form of Yoga is named after a famous Indian Yogi, B.K.S. Iyengar and revolves around the eight limbs concept. The alignment while performing the asanas is the core of the Iyengar form of Yoga usually done with the help of props.

Power Yoga

The Hatha Yoga poses involving more activeness, and the increased quickness of Ashtanga poses along with core exercises involving upper bodywork is what Power Yoga is encompassed of.  This form has recently gained popularity in the field of Yoga Teacher Training.

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