5 Reasons you should give a Raw Food Diet a try

5 Reasons you should give a Raw Food Diet a try

You may have heard people raving about the benefits of a raw vegan diet, heard about how much energy it gives you, the glowing skin and lean body you get from going raw… You may have even heard the terms “alkalizing” and “detoxifying” to describe the physical benefits of eating a raw vegan diet, but if you are like me you might have also initially put the idea into the too-hard-basket and not given it a try. So, what are the benefits of going raw? And is it really worth giving it a go? Well according to its supporters eating raw has many physical benefits on the body and on overall heath, it’s a great way to flood the body with nutrients and to give the digestive system a break from eating refined foods such as white flour, refined sugars and meat. Although the long-term effects of adopting a fully raw vegan diet still remain a little controversial, it’s hard to argue that putting a little raw vegan food into our diets -if even only for a short while- can have amazing effects on our health. So, if you are keen to give raw food a go there here are some great ways to try the diet without all the fuss and expense you might usually expect. This blog is here to give you some simple ideas about how to eat raw the easy way and still feel the amazing effects on your mind body and soul!

Raw ’till 4  

Coined by the Instagramer and health guru @earthyandy Raw ‘till 4 is a great way to pack in the nutritional benefits of a raw diet without going all in. Andy’s Raw ‘Till 4 movement encourages us to eat tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, smoothies, smoothie bowls & salads to get you excited about eating healthy. Only eating raw for breakfast and lunch is a really easy and accessible way to ease into raw food without fully committing to changing your diet entirely.

One raw day a week  

Another way to try raw is to slide one raw vegan meal day into you week, eating raw once a week gives you a chance to experiment with recipes and see how the diet makes you feel. A good tip to stay fuller for longer is to incorporate healthy fats into each meal such as nuts and seeds, avocado, vegetable oils (such as olive and coconut oil), snack on bananas, dried fruit and nut butter in-between meals, and pack in nutrition with juices, vegetables and whole grains.

Take a short course  

a raw vegan diet doesn’t have to be complicated but it always helps to get some inside know-how from the pros, a short online course can provide with tips and tricks on how to make the most out of raw cooking, how to replace common staples such as dairy and wheat with nut and vegetable alternatives and how to prepare sweets and deserts. It really is amazing what you can do with vegetables and once you have the basics you can play around so much more with recipes so you are not only limited to eating salads. At inner yoga we have the perfect course for beginners; Raw – an introduction to raw food is the perfect course if you are looking to learn the basics and kick-start your raw vegan journey.

Meal prep 

If you are committed to trying a raw vegan diet for an extended time, get organized by prepping in advance! Dedicate an afternoon to write a list of meal ideas for the week, visit your local farmers market and stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds and other staples you need (It’s always encouraged to eat organic when going raw in order to get the full detoxifying benefits from the diet, however if you are on a budget or don’t have easy access to organic produce simply soak your veges in apple cider vinegar for 5-10 minutes to remove any pesticides). Once you have all your ingredients prep your nuts for sauces by soaking them in fresh water and putting them in the fridge, spiralise or peel carrots and zucchini for easy noodles, pre-make overnight oats, coconut yogurt and chia pudding for breakfasts and cut up any vegetables you want to have for easy snacking. Getting organized and preparing the ingredients for meals in advance makes it easier to stick to the diet and not get sidetracked.

Try a juice fast 

Juice fasting again is still a little controversial in the health world but doing a juice fast once in a while really can be good way to reset your digestive system and give your body a break from ingesting heavy carbohydrates and processed foods for a day. Use fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare your favorite flavors and drink plenty of fresh water throughout the day. You can also sip on green tea and other herbal teas but try to avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks to get the full detoxifying benefits.

Slipping in raw vegan meals into your diet doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming, using these simple ideas can help you bring some more health and vitality into your life! Try our online Raw Food Course on teachable now! Click the link and get started on a healthier more vibrant you today.


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