5 Unexpected Benefits you gain from a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

Benefits you gain from a 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

Many people embark on a 200HR yoga teacher training course with the dream of building a career in the yoga world, becoming a teacher, and running retreats.  But what if you don’t plan to become a teacher? Is there still value in investing in teacher training? We say, absolutely! This blog is here to list 5 unexpected benefits that you will walk away with after your 200HR Yoga Teacher Training with us at Inner Yoga!

  1. You will deepen your personal practice  

If you love yoga but don’t see yourself as a teacher, yoga teacher training is a fantastic way to deepen your own practice and learn more about the philosophy and anatomy behind the asanas. A month dedicated to yourself, practicing yoga, meditating, learning theory and philosophy will have you walking away with a rich knowledge and deeper love of both the practice and yourself! We like to view a YTT as a full body and mind detox, you will eat delicious, nutritious meals, meditate, daily, move your body and learn so many new skills that will take your yoga practice to the next level.

  1. It will change your life (really!)  

A YTT is not just about practicing yoga and learning theory, there is a huge amount of internal work and development that happens in a yoga teacher training bali. Think of your teacher training more as a full mind body and soul reset, you will learn to develop more compassion, self-love, break old habits and leave feeling like a new person. Most people that complete a yoga teacher training will tell you that it truly changed their life, made them understand themselves so much more and even took them in a new direction in their career or life path. Investing in a YTT is truly an investment in yourself, in your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and a chance to truly transform yourself from the inside out.

  1. You will learn to understand your own body so much better 

During your training you will be spending time studying the anatomy of the human body, how muscles, ligaments and tendons work in relation to movement and how to prevent stress and injury to the body. Even if you don’t plan to teach yoga, this knowledge will help you to practice safely and effectively and understand so much more about your own body which can help in so many ways in when navigating movement, exercise and your own physical health.

  1. You will build confidence in front of others  

From very early on in your training you will have the opportunity to teach your group, this can be a powerful way to build up your self-confidence in front of others, and a skill you can carry with you into your everyday life after the training.

  1. You will immerse yourself in a different culture  

Bali is our favorite place in the world! Not only is it the stunningly beautiful scenery that captivates its guest but it’s also the culture and the people that are truly magnificent. Taking your 200hr yoga teacher training in Bali is a fantastic way to connect with another culture, get out of your comfort zone and experience a new country. Travel really does broaden the mind and ignite the soul, and there is good reason that Bali continually makes the top 10 most loved destinations to travel to in the world!

There are so many fantastic reasons to invest in a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, at Inner Yoga we are proud to be continually voted as one of the top yoga schools in the area. Join us this 2021 for a truly life-changing experience now.

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