A Few Tips for your Bali Yoga Teacher Training

Bali Yoga Teacher Training

If you’re thinking about joining a yoga teacher training certification in Bali with Inner Yoga Training or are already signed up for one, here are a few tips to bear in mind which will hopefully prepare you and help you in making the most of your yoga teacher certification program.

Bring a Positive Attitude

How much you get out of your yoga teacher training Bali experience will come down to what mind-sets you bring.  The more positive you are towards the experience the more you will get from it, it’s as simple as that.  Everyone comes to their yoga teacher training with certain beliefs, thoughts, and experiences but these can also shape our yoga teacher training experience in a certain way.  We suggest to students if they can, to put to one side their knowledge and experience, and try to absorb the ideas and concepts being offered during the yoga training.  It’s not to say you have to believe everything that is presented but at least to give it a chance and then decide what works for you and what doesn’t.  The more open and positive you are the more you will gain

Begin the Path of Self-Inquiry

It may surprise you by how much time you spend reflecting on yourself and your life to date.  This self-inquiry may be welcome or to some or it can bring up some troubling feelings or thoughts that might have been suppressed for a while.  What often comes up are issues that you need to transform as you prepare to become a yoga teacher and share the practice with others.  Things may arise such as doubts, fears, or issues from earlier in life that you haven’t unpacked or looked at before.

Fortunately, the daily yoga and mindfulness practices, as well as the meditation sessions, will help you through these times.  The first step is to acknowledge the experience that are you having and not shy away from it.  Bringing awareness and compassion to what you are experiencing and going through it, is the first step towards transforming these thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Remember everything in this life happens for a reason and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Prepare to be transformed

Coming together with yogis from all walks of life and from different cultural backgrounds combined with the physical and mental demands of the best yoga teacher training can be life-altering. One of the amazing things about doing your yoga teacher certification in a residential setting is the bonds that are formed with your fellow students and the support that you receive from others as you go through your personal transformation.  It can be challenging too at times, being thrown together with people that might have different views or opinions to yours but working through these situations can also be an opportunity for self-growth.  You may not be aware of the transformation during your yoga training but on return to your “normal” life, you may notice some shifts in your relationships, daily routines or things that you considered important previously may no longer serve you.  Either way, a teacher training program will likely bring you closer to understanding who you really are.

Don’t Stress over Tests

In addition to the emotional and physical challenges, there are intellectual ones. Tests can be a source of anxiety for some people.  We often get questions in the first week of training about the final exam which takes people away from their journey.  We always try to encourage students to stay present with what is happening each day and to trust the process.  The trainers are there to make sure you are in the best possible position to Graduate and will give you all the tools you need to do this.  Georgina, Founder of Inner Yoga Training says, “Students are assessed in many different ways, not just on the written test, there are many other aspects to being a good yoga teacher.

The written test is not only for the trainers, it’s also for the students to see what they have absorbed and understood during the yoga teacher training retreats and what areas still need to be worked on.  We really want you to succeed so we want students to take any form of assessment or feedback as a positive thing to show them what areas they can focus on to be the best yoga teacher that they can be.  If our students succeed, we succeed.”

Respect Your Body

Everybody is different physically which is why we take a functional approach to our yoga training.  What is a functional approach to yoga?  It’s about recognizing that no two physical bodies are ever the same.  Even within our own bodies, one side can be different from the other.  We all have our own unique skeletal and muscular structures that have been shaped by genetics, injuries, and lifestyle.  Yoga teacher training is not about comparing yourself to someone else in the group as your structure will be completely different from theirs.  You might excel at backbends; they might excel at forwarding folds that you find challenging.  The yoga journey is about adapting the practices to suit your particular shape and structure not following a one size fits all approach.

Yoga is not a competition it’s about your own personal journey.  If you are struggling with a particular asana don’t shy away from discussing these and being honest with the trainers.  They can either offer modifications or help to identify whether certain poses will actually suit your body or not.   Twice daily yoga practices for 23 days can be intense on the body and mind so it’s better you are honest about any issues you’re having so that you can modify if necessary and look after your body so it will sustain you throughout the entire training.  There are always options to take whether it’s during a slower Yin Yoga practice or a more dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Training practice.  Being kind and honoring your body is an important aspect of being a yogi.