Awaken to the magic of India – 5 best reasons to visit India


Imagine a country full of colors, contrasts, dance, magic, incredible cultural sites and majestic scenery. A country which is birthplace to yoga. Welcome to India. But what makes this country so unique and worth a visit? Here are the five best reasons to visit India.

1. Yoga and Hinduism

India is the birthplace of yoga. Hinduism takes over a major role in peoples’ daily life. Strolling along the streets, you are likely to see signs for peoples’ religious rites wherever you you go. Many people come to India for the purpose of finding spirituality and to dive deeper into the world of yoga and meditation.

Contrary to what many of us believe in western society, what you will find is that Yoga in India is not only about a set of asanas (postures). More than that, Yoga is a lifestyle designed to bring the body, mind and soul into balance and to achieve a state of higher consciousness also known as ‘Samadhi’. If you’re ever want to witness how yoga is practiced and lived in an authentic and origin way, India is the place to go. This is your chance to dive deeper into what yoga really is about. Find out more about the eight branches of yoga here. 

2. People and cities

It is hard to describe people in India in a few words. While metropolitans such as Mumbai and New Delhi feel loud, busy, crowded and a bit overwhelming at first. Being aware of this, and of course travelling with a healthy sense of caution will help you to get along. Opposed to big cities, it can be a totally different experience approaching the more rural landscapes and remote areas such as in the far north.

People in India are very friendly, and if you are open minded and respectful, you are going to be welcomed by an open heart, curiosity and warm smiles.

3. Incredible Landscapes, majestic scenery

India Landscape

India is one of the places coming with one of the most incredible landscapes on earth. Don’t miss out to visit Jammu & Kashmir and Leh region right at the foothill of mighty Himalayas. Mountain ranges, dramatic gorges, and pristine mountain villages with holy monasteries are awaiting you and leaving you with impressions for a life-time. Our itinerary takes you right to the most stunning sceneries Northern India has to offer.

4. Cultural Sites in India

Once in India, chances are high that you want to see famous Taj Mahal. The palace made of white marble and sandstone will certainly leave a footprint upon you. Being one of the most impressive buildings in the world – despite the tourist crowds – Taj Mahal is likely to remain one of the highlights of your trip.

Travelling the northern territories in India, you don’t want to miss world famous UNESCO heritage sites such as Agra Fort (the most important fort in India which is made of red sandstone, thereby also called ‘red fort’ of Agra, Hawa Mahal (The Palace of Winds) and Amer Fort in Jaipur, just to name a few.

5. Vegetarian Food


India is a food heaven. Especially people with a vegetarian diet are going to love it. Just imagine all the spices of the south-east, put together into one dish. With a variety of curries and dhal, the food comes with so much flavor that it will blow your mind. You don’t want to miss their delicious flatbreads like rotis, chapatis, naan and dosa: Indian breads are an integral part of their cooking, and mostly served alongside other dishes such as dhal, curries, lentils and vegetables.

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