Become A Successful Professional Yoga Instructor

Yoga is one of the ancient art forms that the gurus have practiced to get control over their bodies and mind. Yoga not only helps you get in better shape but also provides you stability in achieving overall peace of mind, body, and soul. It incorporates different breathing techniques and focuses on reinvigorating the body with strenuous exercises that help strengthen it. Going on a yoga retreat can give you some of the best escapades and provide a wonderful learning experience on top of it. If you have been searching for the best yoga teacher training Bali, then your search ends right here. 

Achieve Better Body Awareness

This training will provide you with enough impetus to achieve your set goals. You will be able to deepen your practice and improve considerably in your level of skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert; you can always gain more depth in your yogic abilities with our experts. the physical and mental strength benefits from yoga cannot be underestimated, its no surprise that countless people are turning to yoga to gain inner strength and wisdom.

Not only does yoga give control over your life, but it also helps you to mature in your journey to becoming a better individual with a potential ever rising. Getting body awareness was never more accessible, thanks to yoga and its amazing techniques that give you a comprehensive understanding of the workings of your anatomy and that of the others. 

Complete Transformation Of Lifestyle

With plenty of health benefits, one can get inspired to become a yoga instructor and inspire others to incorporate yoga into their lifestyle. The instructors are very cordial with the learners; on top of that, the fellow yoga learners will be super enthusiastic about learning the ways of yoga with you. Every yoga training ensures playful interaction to ensure maximum learning and collective growth, not just of an individual.

With yoga comes to discipline, you will be able to control your impulses better and improve your lifestyle from sedentary to active in a matter of days. Inner Yoga Training provides the most comprehensive yoga instructor training for those who wish to become a professional yoga trainer.

The Three Health Improvising Effects Of Yoga Based On Evidence

Yoga is an art and a way of life it is not just a set of rules that must be followed theoretically. In fact, serious yoga gurus have recommended incorporating its versatility in everyday life. We live in a world that has taken speed over substance approach to living life. This has severe effects on our bodies. The amount of anxiety associated with stressful life can hamper your overall health. But thanks to yoga one can control these ill aftermaths by practising and preaching it to others. If you are interested in becoming a yoga professional then yoga instructor training is the ideal option for you. These are 3 ways in which yoga becomes indispensable to our lives.

Helps to Fight Diseases Related to the Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular system in our bodies gets controlled by numerous factors with the autonomic nervous system being one of them. Blood pressure and the rate of heartbeat is also controlled by this system. Studies conducted on the people who practised yoga daily found out that these people suffer a lot less and are not prone to cardiovascular diseases compared to the rest of the world that doesn’t practise yoga.

Provides the Immune System Plenty of Support

The immune system is a lot more important than many give it credit for and underestimating its value results in dire consequences. Since it is made of thousands of neural signals and waves which communicate among each other to provide immunity. It is important for an individual to practise yoga which is known to support its activities. Studies showed that those were actively doing yoga had far more mindfulness or wakefulness compared to their sluggish counterparts.

Maximizes the Metabolism

Many people suffer from slow metabolism which results in several complications such as weight gain. Practising yoga is known to substantially increase the rate of metabolism which helps to burn the fat faster and regulates the appetite thereby promoting good levels of health. Studies have declared that those who were routinely doing yoga had normal levels of blood glucose, the relaxation the technique, in particular, is known to provide stabilization after a regular meal.

With so much to offer one cannot afford to miss out on yoga. Inner Yoga Training in Bali provides the best yoga certification for individuals who aspire to be perfect their art and expand their knowledge and skills of yoga.

The Fascination of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a popular term in the world of yoga. It is a form of yoga that uses the flow of movement, which is synchronized with each breath one takes. There are plenty of breathing techniques involved in Vinyasa yoga. The breathing exercises are known to produce enough heat in the body; the mind can retain concentration and focus on the execution of asanas. With Vinyasa yoga techniques, one can efficiently purify the body, the muscles, and organs. Many yoga enthusiasts aspire to become a full-time yoga teacher. Learning yoga is possible with yoga instructor certification that can transform you from a novice to an expert.

Varying Sequences and Movement

One can stretch their body and tone their muscles effectively; Vinyasa yoga helps to revitalize your core and give your bones an improved structure. Not only that, but it also assists with cleaning the toxins that build up inside the body and result in depression and anxiety. Increasing the rate of metabolism for maintaining optimum weight is possible by practicing Vinyasa yoga. The primary form of this yoga is termed as Ashtanga Vinyasa. It has a few distinctions as the generic form alters the sequences of the flows very often. Instructions get provided for a pre-designed series; Ashtanga has many varying levels with some challenging sequences that require a certain level of mastery and skill.

Gaining experience over one level is essential to switch to the next. Achieving physical fitness is easy by following the techniques of Vinyasa. Those who have practiced this form regularly have given positive feedback in increased coordination and concentration in their routine lives. These sequences are known to strengthen the brain as it makes use of the breath, which demands focus while moving through postures and transitioning into another.

Immense Transformation and Benefits

The movement, along with the proper synchronization of breath is everything in Vinyasa. This type of yoga is very interesting as it involves the creative stimulation of your attention. The breathing technique is perfect for those who like a solid workout of the cardiovascular system assisted by the flowing movements. Incorporating Vinyasa daily in your life can bring drastic transformation in your body and maximize your well-being and potential with increased powers of focus. It can efficiently tap into your core and give you a wide range of benefits which previously were lacking. The yoga instructor training course from Inner Yoga Training in Bali provides you all the necessary coaching to become a professional at yoga.

How Yoga Benefits our Brain?

Each of us is well aware of how positively Yoga affects our body, but ever wondered what it has high psychological effects as well? Yoga holds the strength to transform our minds in the way it reforms our bodies. Our mind receives positive signals when the body is in a proper functioning state which happens by consistent practice of Yoga. Positive thinking is the key to reduce the burden of hectic lifestyles that are prevailing. If the mind is at peace, the muscles automatically tend to get relaxed and uplifting thoughts to make way. One can choose to be a part of Yoga Teacher Training to master the art of Yoga.

A Stress Buster

Yoga is a form of art that is known to be mood uplifting and a stress buster. Yoga offers you an escape from the ongoing hustle of the busy schedules and lifestyles, which in turn provides mindfulness to reduce anxiety and stress. When a person is stressed, the body tends to respond slowly and adversely thus, causing serious health issues. High-stress levels also lead to depression and one can practice Yoga to overcome the state of being in it.

Escalates Brainpower

Your brain is the vitality of existence, the proper functioning and the sanity of it should be of utmost priority. Yoga provides positivity to the brain and increases the response time and also improves the ways to respond. The nerve responsible for the stress and mood of the body is affected positively by Yoga which helps the brain to think better in the adverse situations and act accordingly.

Promotes Sound Sleep

Better sleep promotes a better lifestyle. A body which is deprived of sleep tends to be lethargic all day. The practice of Yoga causes the pineal gland to produce melatonin which is known to promote sleep. Therefore, Yoga should be in the to-do list of the people suffering from insomnia or unhealthy quality of sleep as it has the ability to release tension and keep the mind relaxed.

Keeps you Emotionally Sane

The limbic system of the brain which is responsible for the emotional balance is regulated with the consistent schedules of Yoga. While we think that our brain is bound to react specifically to some situations, the brain can follow the commands given to it. A controlled system of the brain makes a person highly decisive and reduces the impulsiveness to react logically and to remain calculated.

To nurture your brain with the art of Yoga, join the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. The training masters you to handle the brain to remain and composed with the consistent practice of Yoga.

The Interrelated Trinity of Sunrise, Silence, and Savasana

Sunrise: The Beginning

Early rising seems close to impossible with the hectic schedules that are prevailing currently in the life of people. And, getting up and doing any form of physical exercise is out of the question. But, practicing yoga at the time of dawn is in itself the attainment of peace. Sunrise is directly related to relaxation and peace. The calmness at the time of sunrise soothes the inner soul and provides serenity. Seeing the colors of the sky changing to different hues of blue gives the much need lightness to the body. Join the Yoga Instructor Training to discover the motivation to get up early and practice Yoga in order to figure out a way to sustain the lifestyle.

Silence: The Root of Peace

It is rightly said, “Listen to silence; it has so much to say.” The dawn brings with itself the much-needed silence to relax and delve into serenity. The hustle of the lifestyle leaves no time to recognize the healing properties of silence for the inner soul. Relaxing the body and mind with Yoga while having acquaintance with the stillness of a sunrise, is bliss. Experience the moments of ego fading away while delving in the stillness. Silence, along with Yoga aligns your body and mind in a state where there is peace. Go for the Yoga certification 2019 in Bali to relieve your mind and body from the hassles of the monotonous lifestyle.

Savasana: The Pose of Calmness, Stillness, and Peace

Savasana is the concluding pose of the Yoga Session and is known to be the most peace-giving and relaxing pose. The posture is much underrated as it does not involve much moving or changing of postures, but that is what makes it the epitome of calmness. All you do is lie down, relax, and leave your body loose. But, Savasana is also a tough nut to crack as you need to be completely awake and still be relaxed. A balance which is tough to achieve. The act of surrendering your body and mind to attain peace is all that Savaasana does. It cultivates in you the stillness to understand and act according to the circumstance prevailing.

Relax and master the art of Yoga by joining the Yoga Instructor Training along with Yoga Certification 2019 to become a professional is attaining the utmost peace. Also, be an instructor and help your students to achieve stillness and happiness in their lives.

The Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

Bali is a beautiful destination famous not only for its scenic beauty but also for its deep roots in yoga. It features some of the most stunning landscapes on the earth that attract tourists from all over the world. Inner Yoga Training offers the best retreats in Bali to yoga enthusiasts. Bali has a rich historical background of yoga that has made it the ideal retreat destination for millions of people across the globe.

The Phenomenal Scenic Beauty of Bali

Bali is a paradise island in Indonesia that is perfect for sessions of a yoga retreat. It features vibrant oceanic shades of blue spread across the glistening freshness of the water bodies. The tranquillity surrounding this area is ideal for those who want to experience inner peace and stillness. Ubud is a serene town in Bali that offers astounding natural beauty to the visitors. If you have been searching for Ubud Yoga retreat, then you have come to the right place.

Yoga Background of Bali

Bali is blessed with deep-seated roots in yoga. Many events have occurred in the past, which have given Bali its reputation of the best yoga retreat destination.  In the 109 AD era, Hyang Pasupati had asked his children to visit Bali, for maintaining the harmony of the island. Upon their arrival, the conditions of Bali had begun to improve. Several teachings of yoga have got conducted throughout Bali in the past. Maharsi Agastya promoted yoga to Indonesia. Kingdom of Kalinga and Sriwijaya saw yoga preachings in 650 and 684 respectively. The yoga culture has developed fast in this country in the modern era. The heavy influence of yogic teachers gave rise to contemporary yoga trainers who believe in the same philosophy as their ideals.

Yoga has always focused on the lifestyle and ways about how to improve it. It has become a way of life and theme rather than just some sort of physical exercises. Meditation has been closely linked with yoga and has got incorporated with several yogic practices and poses. The infusion of meditation regime has helped the yogis to develop peace and use the techniques in gaining better-concentrating abilities.

Inner Yoga Training

At Inner Yoga Training, you can get in-depth experience and insights related to yoga during the yoga retreat sessions. The yoga teacher training in Bali offers you professional courses that can help you become a professional yoga teacher.

Differences and Similarities between Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa yoga have a lot of similarities and differences. Both of these styles are very popular among yoga practice. If you have been looking for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Retreat, then you have come to the right spot. You can continue to read about what to expect from these styles before choosing one of them. Both of these styles associate the breath with the movements. The flow or transition of poses from one to another is a common feature in both of these styles.

There are many asana combinations these two styles share between them. They incorporate the sun salutations; even though these styles sync the breath with movement, the sequencing, however, is different.

The Unique Dissimilarities

Ashtanga Yoga involves a set sequence of the poses or asanas. The students practice these, in the same manner, each time; they hold every pose for about five breaths. Ashtanga has three pose series with a different focus. With the advancement of levels, the poses become challenging. The primary series emphasizes the forward bends, while the secondary series places importance on the backbends. The advanced series focuses on balancing the arms. The students in Ashtanga yoga sessions do not incorporate the use of props, music, or modifications. It allows the candidates to move briskly at their pace using their breath. The instructors always provide support and guidelines for proper executions and adjustments if required.

Use of Music and Props

While in Vinyasa yoga sessions, which are also known as Vinyasa flow, the use of varying sequences is common. These sequences get chosen by the teachers for matching the composition. The candidates flow through the poses, and a peak pose offers challenges in terms of difficulty levels. There are many seated poses with a lot of stretching that gives ample time for recovering.

The Vinyasa sessions frequently make use of props and music; the students also use modifications when required. Candidates that prefer a lot of varied class experience, Vinyasa yoga is a great choice. The instructors advise that before starting the sessions need to get accustomed with a less strenuous flow class to get used to the flowing patterns of Vinyasa Yoga. This way, the candidates can learn how to move fluidly synchronizing with the breath.

Inner Yoga Training provides intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Bali to candidates that wish to become a professional at yoga. The environment provides the ideal setting to give you an excellent learning experience.

Five Encouraging Benefits of A Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat gives you valid reasons as to why you should consider going on one. Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for a long time, Yoga Retreat will always be a learning experience. If you have been searching for Yoga Teacher Training, then Inner Yoga Training in Bali is your ideal option. These are some of the inspirations that will encourage you to learn more about yourself.

Create time for yourself

There is an apparent difference between going on a retreat when compared to going on a vacation. Sometimes people need to step back and reflect inwards. It is at this moment they realize what they have been missing amidst the rat race of climbing the corporate ladders. Holidays are more action-oriented, they comprise of viewing the scenic sights and hanging at the most famous corners and spots of a city.

Deepen your practice on a Yoga Retreat

If you wish to deepen your practice and want to take it to the next level, then a retreat is your best option. You can resonate with this even more of you have been practicing yoga for some amount of time. A retreat will help you soar beyond everyday life and also provide you with an escape from it. People continue to do the same things but on a retreat, the scenario changes, once can go beyond your capabilities and be surprised with newfound potential.

Gaining new experiences with different people

Learning never ends it is a lifelong process, and retreats embody this fact. You are not going to be alone when going on a retreat. Everyone with you will learn something new from this experience, and you can also make new bonds with people upon meeting them. Sharing experiences and getting to know each other is common when on a retreat. All the inhibitions fall apart when the strangers become close buddies in the yoga retreat.

Interact with the instructors

Yoga Retreat provides an excellent opportunity for interacting with the guides and instructors. You can take full advantage of learning in-depth techniques related to yoga and clear your doubts personally. It will help you with bettering your practice. The amount of positive energy when interacting with the teachers and like-minded yogis during a yoga retreat is invaluable. 

Gather insights and apply them into your life

Explore the beautiful wisdom that dates back to ancient times and learn about the philosophy of Yoga. You can cleanse the soul, heart, and mind with a yoga retreat, the delicious and nutritious food the retreats offer is second to none. Detoxing the emotions can be taken care of with a retreat and a complete restoration of your being is possible. Not only that you will take loads of inspiration feeling recharged. You can also keep the retreat magic very much alive into your everyday life by incorporating the things you learned.

Inner Yoga Training provides Yoga retreat in Bali with the perfect environment for yoga teacher aspirants. You will learn in-depth insights about yoga, and it will assist you in becoming a professional at yoga.

Choose The Type Of Yoga Suitable For You

Yoga plays a vital role in keeping the mind and body synchronized. It improves the quality of life if one practices it religiously. There are several techniques and types of yoga. The ultimate goal of yoga is having complete control of your being and achieving stability. It provides excellent relief from pain and tension. You can read about the interesting kinds of yoga mentioned below. If you have been searching for yoga teacher certification, then you have come to the right spot.

Restorative Yoga

It is a very relaxing type of yoga perfect for anyone who is physically sound. Most of the poses get executed on the floor. One can take the support of the bolsters and blankets as well as other props. The aim is to make the body and mind entirely relaxed by staying calm in a pose for minutes. The parasympathetic nervous systems allow enough rest during these poses for the body to restore itself.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a special gift from the heavens if you have chronic pain and stiffness in joints. Yin yoga provides flexibility and is ideal for runners and weight lifters. Anyone can benefit from Yin yoga poses as it is useful in restoring the tissue health and releasing the pent up tension in the muscles. It is highly recommended for improving mobility and involves stretching the body for a couple of minutes in every pose.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga makes use of the rigorous practice of postures that generate body heat. It comprises of saluting the sun succeeded by the standing poses. Posture alignment and muscle stimulation is a crucial feature of Ashtanga Yoga. One needs to focus on the breath as each pose involved a couple of breaths. This kind of yoga is also sometimes referred to as moving meditation. It is ideal for people who are hyper-flexible and wish to gain more strength. Ashtanga Yoga is great for remembering a sequence, and students can practice them at an individual pace.

Vinyasa Yoga

This type of Yoga is based on Ashtanga and Hatha. Every pose flows in a rhythmic manner and transitions into the next pose. The focus remains on the breath. The style of the Vinyasa varies as the basis revolves around moving from a particular posture to a new one. Different classes and techniques allow enough variety to suit people with unique styles. You can practice the advanced levels and achieve a graceful pose by focusing on the movement and the transitions between two poses.

Hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga involves the holding of breaths for a long duration while performing a pose. It makes use of pranayama and meditation. The poses become tough to execute with the increasing levels. The excellent range of poses requires a lot of discipline and focus. Hatha yoga can help to align your body and mind with some very challenging set of poses. It is always fun to execute them and measure the progress.

Inner Yoga Training

We provide yoga teacher training to candidates who wish to learn yoga and practice in their daily lives. The peaceful environment of our Yogashala ensures your peace of mind, along with stability.

All You Wish to Know About Yoga Certifications

Yoga has become a famous discipline around the world and this is one of the reasons why more and more individual is going in for professional yoga classes. The popularity of yoga teacher certification courses is also escalating a great deal. These days, several experts are going for yoga certification courses to make a successful career in the industry. In case you are also looking for a yoga certification 2019 then you can consider going through particularly about the growing popularity of yoga teacher training certification programs.

These days, individuals prefer to hire teachers that have a certification degree. So, by going for the best yoga certification program you can easily add some credentials to your resume and increase the chances of landing a great job. The best thing that you can do here is to research hard and decide upon the right certification program that suits your skills and experience.

Certification program that generates some fine results

You can consider going to a yoga certification 2019 course. Individuals these days prefer to go for a certification program that can help them generate some fine results on the go. You need to hire a suitable instructor who is certified and provides great services on the go.

Several teaching institutions are known to offer certification programs and among them, 200 hours yoga certification 2019 is one. You can easily take admission in such a course and get started with the training process. You need to go to classes regularly so that you can easily obtain your certificates. In case you feel that training courses are really expensive for you then you can consider applying for a loan. One can even consider going for a distance learning program which is affordable as compared to the regular courses. We all know that yoga teacher certification programs work well in all kinds of industries as they are known to help you get a great job.

The main reasons behind the popularity of yoga:

  • Yoga helps you soothe your body and mind.
  • Yoga keeps you stress-free and also helps you in rejuvenating your soul.
  • Yoga is a practice which is easy to follow due to its easy nature.

Select a suitable program that can help you secure a decent job

Everyone would agree with the fact that going for a yoga teacher certification course can enhance your credentials and therefore it can prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run. If you wish to start your classes and take up an instructor’s job then going for a certification course can prove to be a great alternative for you. So, work hard and choose a suitable program that can help you secure a decent job in this industry. As a teacher, you need to make sure that you impart all the knowledge that you receive from a certification program. You need to be very careful while choosing a certification course.