Our Yoga Retreat in Bali

Why we chose Bali for our Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our Inner Yoga teacher training is situated in Ubud on the Indonesian island of Bali. Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is consistently voted one of the top islands to visit in the world and it’s easy to see why. Bali is a small island situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans and is the only island in Indonesia that follows Hinduism as their religion. Ceremonies and traditions make up the fabric of daily life here which is what makes Bali so unique. You will witness ceremonies and offerings to the Gods all done with a dedication and beauty. It’s no surprise that this unique and sacred Island is such a hub for yogis, foodies and culture lovers alike with its mix of Hindu culture, yoga, and spirituality, the warmth of the Balinese people, healthy food, trendy boutiques and beautiful nature.

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The Benefits Of Going On A Yoga Retreat

The Location of our Yoga Retreat

Situated right on our doorstep, Ubud is Bali’s capital for yoga, culture, eco-consciousness and health scene. Ubud is an ancient town known for its numerous temples, arts and culture and known to most of us through the movie “Eat Pray Love”. Our yoga retreat in Bali is an oasis of tranquility set amidst the lush green rice fields with spectacular morning views of Balis northern  mountain area in the morning. Our retreat has been specially designed around the principles of yoga, and the yoga shala is no exception. Set at the bottom of the retreat, and nestled above the banks of the river, you will enjoy the surrounding rice fields and jungle views as you practice. We chose our location to give you a sense for this powerful island’s energy.

Things to do while in beautiful Bali

The Balinese way of life can be explored by joining one of the traditional cooking schools, a cultural performance or visits to local villages. There are great early morning hikes up Mount Batur located north of our retreat for outstanding sunrise vistas that you will never forget. Ubud has a high range of top cafe’s, traditional art markets, spas, boutiques and healthy food that can be enjoyed when you are in town. Not to mention hiring a bicycle to cruise around the rice terraces that are so picturesque. Bali is easy to get around and is a great destination for yogis, first time visitors to Asia and those more seasoned travellers alike. Looking for a place to indulge in delicious healthy food like on above photo? Want to see some of the most stunning parts Bali has to offer? We designed a 10-pages Bali Guide for you which you can download for free below.

yoga teacher training retreats