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Yoga Teacher Trainings Ubud

Turning the spotlight on for being featured at the second position on BookRetreats.com for 200 Hour YogaTeacher Training in Bali. With the vision to band together, the ones with retreats and the ones seeking for it, BookRetreatsproves to be a boon in finding the befitting Yoga Retreats in Bali. Have you ever thought of leaving the 9-5 job and achieve the much-needed relaxation from the contemporary world then BookRetreats is the place to find your Sanctorum! Envisioned with human wellbeing as the priority, BookRetreats will share your journey in finding the best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Recognition makes way for advancement

Inner Yoga is featured in the list of Top 10 Yoga Teacher Trainings Ubud Style in 2020 and is ranked 2nd for its perfectly devised methodology comprising of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga Teacher Training by Inner Yoga is carried at the Azadi Retreat located at the spiritual capital of Bali, Ubud. The Azadi Retreat resides amid the serene beauty of nature which enhances the experience of attaining inner peace. It is located amid the serene beauty of nature which enhances the experience of attaining inner peace. Going by the words of BookRetreats, “We can’t get enough of the beauty this yoga teacher training offers.” Inner Yoga strives to instill deeper confidence and knowledge while delivering the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to the aspiring Yoga Instructors. The certification gained at our 200 HourYoga Teacher Training will let you teach Yoga and transform others’ lives for good.

A balanced methodology to learn the balance through Yoga

Inner Yoga believes in delivering a balanced methodology involving both the gentle flow of Yin Yoga and the powerful Vinyasa Yoga. The teachers chosen for the Yoga Teacher Training possess the skills and comprehensive knowledge about the techniques and postures required to excel in Yoga. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training delves into encompassing the modern lifestyle with the ancient concepts of attaining mindfulness.

What to expect at 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Learn the key postures and techniques of Yoga
  • Comprehensive knowledge about anatomy and physiology
  • Developing balance with meditation
  • Sequencing of Yoga
  • Knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Certifications from Yoga Alliance

Upcoming Training Schedules:

  • 3rd January – 26th January
  • 6th March – 29th March
  • 3rd April – 26th April
  • 22nd May – 14th June
  • 19th June – 12th July
  • 1st August – 24th August

The location of Azadi-Reside in the heart of nature!

Being the spiritual capital and a hub for Yoga, AzadiRetreat is situated amidst the beauty of nature which escalates the learning process of balancing the mind and body while delving in the spirituality of Yoga. Wake up to the views of lush green vegetation, rainforests, and northern mountain areas of Bali. AzadiRetreat will fill you with the zeal and zest to perform even the toughest posture of Yoga while being a part of peace provided by nature.

At Azadi Retreat, we never compromise with the quality and standards of the training delivered. Join our All-Inclusive 200 Hours Vinyasa Yin Yoga Teacher Training program, starting from USD$3700. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will teach you the much-needed balance to deprive yourself of the chaotic and worldly stress and enhance the focus to act accordingly. Share the journey of self-exploration with us!