Yoga Teacher Training Bali: How I chose my training to become a certified yoga teacher

Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Guest Post by Inner Yoga Student Pedro Bastos-Lisbon

10 years from now on, I am practicing yoga.

I didn’t do it that regularly as I would have liked in the past, but every time I am joining a class, I am feeling great and peaceful!

Before becoming a yoga teacher: Working in the corporate world

Yoga Teacher Training Bali

I used to work in the corporate world but for this past year, nothing had happened in my career: no Job, no new opportunities, no nothing.

After spending some time in Bali in 2017 and after joining a yoga class on the island, there was something shifting inside of me. I told myself: If, in one year from now on, I don’t get any job that I am passionate about, I will invest in myself, pursuit my dream and do my Yoga Teacher Training.

Starting something new can be slightly nerve-racking. And for myself, choosing a Yoga Teaching Training is a big challenge as it triggers my fears. My corporate job has been working with international companies and sales for a long time, and all of a sudden, I was dealing with a whole new idea on doing something completely different.

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So what did I do to come closer to my dream of teaching yoga

Simply, my first step was to ask Google. One day I sat down and typed in: “yoga+teacher+training”. What happened? More than 1000 search results showed up. Kind of overwhelming for someone who wants to find THE ONE Yoga Teacher Training, right? Everyone now seems to be offering a yoga training programs these days. So I had to narrow my search request down somehow. I asked myself: “which place in the world did I practice yoga that had given me that feeling of being at ease? Of being in a flow?

My immediate answer was: BALI.

Why I chose Bali as a destination for my Yoga Teacher Training

First I fell in love with Bali back in 2007. This was my first visit to this tropical island. On top of that, Bali Is one of the best destinations in the world for yoga enthusiasts like me. Also known as ‘the Island of the gods’, with its iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs, it is a spiritual haven for people from all walks of life.

After I was sure that it needs to be Bali where I am embracing that spiritual journey of becoming a yoga teacher, there was the next challenge I felt a bit anxious about: How to find the best spot to make the training? There are so many great places in Bali: Canggu, Ubud, Sanur, Gianyar, just to name a few.

Becoming a yoga teacher

The criteria that I based my decision on to complete my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

After reading a whole bunch of reviews, I decided to make a list of all places, giving them a note and rating them on the following criteria: price, food, accommodation, teachers, comfort, views, and last but not least: response time to my emails.

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From the list I made with all the yoga schools, Inner Yoga Training fulfilled all those criteria. this is why I finally made the decision to do my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Inner Yoga Training: I was seeing myself practicing yoga in the outdoor shala overlooking the rice paddies. I was dreaming of moving and flowing with the sound of tropical birds. And then, relaxing deeply in Savasana with the rhythm of my own breath. Nothing else.

I can’t wait that this spiritual sanctuary is providing an environment to help me truly connect with myself. To develop a new chapter in the story of my life!

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Pedro Bastos-Lisbon is a 200 hr Vinyasa Yin YTT graduate. He did his teacher training with Inner Yoga Training in february 2019 in Ubud, Bali. Get in touch for more infos about our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training programs.

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