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200 Hour Inner Yoga Teacher Training

Our Approach:

In our lives we are constantly trying to find balance between work, family and personal time. When we don’t live in balance we can become stressed, low, self-critical and unhappy. There is constant pressure on us from many fronts to be able to do it all. Success is often measured by what we can achieve, how much we can get done in a day, how we can outperform others. In short, we have lost the balance and live in a yang or active state most of the time. At Inner Yoga we believe in bringing back more balance and have designed our teacher training with this in mind. Our approach is modern and mindful of today’s lifestyle, while at the same time drawing on centuries old concepts.

The Inner Yoga teacher training is based on the concepts of Yin and Yang and living in balance and harmony. Yin and yang lies within everything – light and dark, stillness and movement, sunrise and sunset, moon and sun and most importantly for us, the human body. Our yin side is the slow, soft, yielding passive side or our “feminine” energy. Its elements are water, earth and moon. Our yang side is the fast, hard, focused and active side or our masculine energy. Its elements are fire, sky and sun. This is the state we spend most of our lives in.

According to traditional Chinese medicine good health is directly related to the balance in our body of the yin and yang elements. If these two sides become unbalanced then one side of ourselves becomes deficient or deplete. Nothing is completely in a yin or a yang state, they are constantly interchanging. Too much of one can weaken the other.

The Inner Yoga 200 hour teacher training is unique in its concept in that it focuses on bringing balance back to both these sides of ourselves. Half of our teacher training focuses on the yang, using the vinyasa style of yoga while the other half focuses on the yin with restorative yoga, meditation and concepts used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

At Inner Yoga we believe in bringing back this balance to our own body and our lives, which is why in our yoga teacher training we offer two unique and different styles that recognise and honour both elements within.

On completion of your Inner Yoga 200 hour teacher training you will be confident to teach both a vinyasa style flow class or a restorative yin style class. We take pride in producing teachers who have a comprehensive knowledge of these two unique, yet interconnected styles of yoga. Our daily asana practices will be timed to complement the body’s yang and yin energy flows.

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