Meet the Inner Yoga Faculty

200 hour yoga teacher training

Stephanie Parent

Stephanie was initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits – but it didn’t take long before she started noticing a positive effect on her mind and body as well. With each passing class, she felt her stress and tension melt away. Her mind became clearer and more stable. It was then that she realized that yoga was not just a sport, it was a lifestyle. Having worked in the fashion industry for 10 years, Stephanie understood the struggle and stress inherent to the corporate grind – and having experienced the transformative benefits of yoga, she felt a profound desire to share them with others. Her first stop was Rishikesh, India, where she completed a 500-hour Yoga teacher training program. During this training course, she discovered yoga therapy, and instantly knew that this was her calling.

She then acquired the necessary certifications to officially become a Yoga Therapist. Upon her return to Canada, she combined her teaching skills and therapeutic approach and founded Yoga Works. Thanks to Yoga Works, Stephanie has been able to offer private yoga workshops tailored to people’s specific needs, experience level, and injuries. She infuses her teaching with classic yogic philosophy, giving students the tools they need to practice on their own in a safe and well-informed way.

As a Yoga Therapist, Stephanie combines meditation, asanas, pranayama, kriyas, nutrition, and psychoanalysis to help treat psychosomatic diseases caused by our modern lifestyle. Her practice can help diminish the effects of diabetes, back pain, migraines, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

The Yoga Works concept is a holistic take on the modern studio setting, and has been wildly successful in Canada, Asia, Central America and Europe.

yoga certification 2020

Liana Nenacheva

Dr. Liana Nenacheva is a Holistic doctor, Aromatherapist, and Nutrition specialist who utilizes a holistic methodology to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit. It is her passion to assist others in achieving their true, unlimited potential and optimized wellness.

Doctor Nenacheva S.D., L.Ac., a Diplomate of Chinese Herbology was born in Russia, where she studied Western Medicine (MD,SD) and practiced as a MD for 30 years in Russia & Belgium, as well as a oral, facial and reconstructive surgeon.
She also successfully completed the following studies in Belgium and China:

  • Master in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture by adults and children
  • Master in Tuina by adults, babies and children (Chinese manual Therapy and Massage)
  • Master in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Nutrition Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Macro-biotic Nutritional Therapy
  • Chef Training in Natural Cooking, Macrobiotic and Vegan training
  • Cooking according 5 elements
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy

Dr. Liana has the unique ability of identifying the root, underlying issues for both basic and complex health and nutritional problems and diseases. She uses a straightforward approach that embodies a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, self-care, and lifestyle techniques that are easy to follow and enormously effective. She has helped hundreds of people achieve radiant, long lasting physical and emotional wellness.

Liana’s biggest passion and life work is teaching. She frequently gives talks and teaches seminars with the goal of familiarizing physicians and practitioners with the concepts of TCM, Nutrition therapy and broadening its applications in Western Medicine. Dr. Liana speaks in English with an accent that doesn’t let you forget for a moment where she’s from – and the legacy she has inherited from a rigorous Russian medical training. She also speaks Russian and Dutch.

yoga certification 2020

Georgina Watson

Georgina came to the yogic path following a traumatic event in her life. After being introduced to meditation she found a calmness and awareness in her life that she had never experienced before. She left her Marketing career to follow this path. After periods of intense meditation she began to explore asana and completed her 200 hour vinyasa teacher training in Bali with Radiantly Alive. Since then she has opened more to the softer side of the physical practice and completed a 200 hour Yin Yoga teacher training with Jo Phee. Georgina brings a warm heart and openness to her practice and loves introducing people to the benefits of meditation and yin yoga.

200 hours yoga certification 2020

Marylene Henry

Curious about what other benefits a holistic approach to yoga could bring, Marylene devoted her time and energy to study the human mind and body and 8 limbs of yoga for the last 7 years. Splitting her life between a successful international corporate career and teaching yoga, she perfectly understood how everyday demands can get in a way of a healthy body and healthy mind, and used this experience to teach corporate yoga. In 2016, she decided to leave her corporate career to pursue a PhD in Osteopathy to deepen her knowledge of the physical body. She also completed her certifications as Reiki Master and Mindfulness coach.

Using her own experience as a guide, she approaches yoga in a holistic way to help students find peace of mind and regain self-confidence. Passionate about anatomy and yoga philosophy, she playfully combines elements of mindfulness, breath work, asanas, and physical therapy to help her students achieve their specific goals. She has trained more than 150 yoga teachers.