This post is for you if you have a goal in life but don’t know how to reach it. If you don’t have any goals, then don’t worry. It’s human to sometimes not knowing where to go, but you might take something out of this post anyway.

My first question to you is: Where are you right now? No, I’m not talking about if you’re sitting in a cafe, lying in your bed or being in your office. Have a look at your currant situation: What have you achieved so far and where do you want to improve? Are you working on a project, do you want to learn something new or build something from scratch?

Most of us are constantly working on goals. And that’s totally perfect because improving lies in our nature. It is our essence to keep on striving. Because every cell in our body is there to not only survive but to thrive. So, as long as we do it right, it’s an awesome thing to keep on working on ourselves, our business or our life circumstances.

But having big goals often feels overwhelming. It feels like something that is unattainable, and before we even start making the first step, we give up. Sure, we always want to take our business or ourselves to the next level, but sometimes it feels just too big. We want to be healthier, but feel like we don’t know anything about health. We want to become a yoga teacher, but at the moment, we can barely do a proper down dog. We aim to start a project, but putting it into action feels like centuries away.

So, here is a three-step guide to avoid frustration, disappointment, early giving-ups and encourage you to do those steps in a mindful way.


Step 1 to reach your goal: What?

First step is simple but tricky at the same time. Be really clear about your goal. What do you want to achieve? Visualize what exactly it is that you want. Set your intentions. Make them precise and possible. Create this goal in your mind and write it down in just a view words. The shorter the better.
It really helps to write down that goal onto a piece of paper. If you want, you can also pin it at a place where you see your written goals on a daily basis: on your mirror, the welcome screen of your phone, your

door, or wherever you like to see it.
Focus on your goal. Because universal rule is, where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Step 2 to reach your goal: Why?

Step two is essential and eventually the most important one: Having a WHY. Why do you want to reach this goal?
What’s your intrinsic motivation? Having a strong why is your motor that keeps you working on it even when it’s a lot of effort.

Visualize the outcome: How will it feel like when you achieved your goal?

Then, create a mindset that is so strong, that it is supporting you to reach this goal. Get obsessed with your idea. Get inspired by listening to podcasts about the topic, by reading posts and articles about your idea, by surrounding yourself with people who inspire you. Commit to making progress.

When limiting beliefs show up (“I’m not good enough”, “I can’t do this”, “people doubt I can do this”, …), take the role of an observer and just notice them. But stop making excuses. Start to have that responsibility. And don’t judge yourself for making mistakes because that’s part of the process. Try to be gentle to yourself while working on your goal.

Step 3 to reach your goal: How?

Now you want to bring your vision to life. To do this, I recommend making a step-by-step plan dividing your big goal into mini-goals. You want to make sure that always the following step is realistic and within reach. Otherwise, the actual goal seems just too far away and might discourage you.

Taking small steps and setting achievable goals in the beginning will keep you motivated.

Often, and I experience it too, it’s just difficult to recognize which way to go to reach that aim. But when you have the one goal in focus, then you can avoid those things that will keep you from getting there.

Life is a chain of decisions. And during those decisions, you want to observe if these steps bring you closer or further away from your goal.

For example, if you have the choice between two things then always choose that thing that brings you closer to your goal.

Also, make it a bit more about the process. Because in the end, it’s about the person you become on the way and the transformation you’re going through during that time. Let this goal be not an obstacle, but a motivation for a process to learn and thrive.



  • Try to have a clear focus at the end of the horizon. It really helps to know and be clear about what your goal is.
  • If you have that goal, congratulations.
  • If you don’t know your goal yet, its not a problem either. You will get there, because it’s a process. It’s also normal to change your goals over time.
  • Take mini-steps that bring you closer to your goal.
  • Relax and don’t feel guilty when you don’t exactly follow the rules. It’s more about the transformation you experience during that time and not so much about the ‘end-goal’.

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