Am I ready for a Yoga Teacher Training?

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There is a silent doubt within many of us who want to take their yoga practice to the next level: It is the question whether to be ready or not for a yoga teacher training.

If you came this far to ask yourself this question, you probably already have a passion for yoga and enjoy the benefits that come along with it. You’re curious to learn more about yoga and want to deepen your practice.

Does your interest result from a deep desire to reconnect with yourself? To bring your body, mind, and soul into balance? Here is the answer…

Yoga Teacher Training – Yes or No?

To get back to your question: there is no clear yes or no if it is the right time for you to attend a yoga teacher training.

Everyone is at a different stage in their life. Everyone brings a different level of practice and various beliefs about themselves. Someone who is practicing yoga for a long time might have more doubts to attend a yoga teacher training just because of fear of failure or maybe a low self esteem. Whereas others with little knowledge about yoga and little experience, might have confidence and a strong will to learn more about yoga.

So, here is the thing: It is not so much about how many years of yoga you already spent practicing (of course, this also counts…). It is more about your actual mindset: are you ready to challenge yourself and do you allow yourself to grow?

Instead of doubting yourself, rather ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to deepen my practice and take my love for yoga to the next level?
  • Do I want to take a time off allowing myself to fully immerse into yoga?
  • Do I want to surround myself with like-minded people, who allow me to share my skills with?
  • And do I want to grow and finally share the joy of yoga with others?

If you answer one or more of the above questions with yes, a yoga teacher training can be a beautiful opportunity to step right into a new chapter of your life.

Read our FAQ’s for more answers to your questions about our 200 hr YTT. 

Benefits of doing a Yoga Teacher Training


1. Deepening your physical Practice

One of the most important benefits to attend a yoga teacher training without any doubt is to gain flexibility and physical well-being. Plus, you are receiving a depleted understanding of your body and your movement. You are learning from different body types, how to prevent injuries, how to be mindful with yourself and acknowledging your flexibility levels.

And most of the times in yoga, it is not about doing crazy poses being super-flexible. It is more about recognizing at which stage you are, being mindful with yourself and reconnecting your body, mind and soul.

So read what trainings are about, what approach they have, what their values are and if you are in accordance with those things.

2. Connecting with like-minded People

There lies a beauty in connecting with like-minded people. It yields a feeling of belonging and gives us a sense of home. Many people experience that at the place where they live, it is not that easy to find their tribe. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people at a place which provides the perfect environment for that, can feel amazing,

Social events bring people together that share similar values, interests and visions. And a yoga teacher training definitely is a place where you’ll find and connect with those kind of people.

Read what our students say about our trainings. 

3. Exploring and deepening your Spirituality

Ask yourself, how do you feel with spirituality? Embracing spirituality is one of the main reasons for practicing yoga. To deepen your spirituality and connect to your higher self.

Many people in western society practice yoga as a means to having a flexible and toned body. But yoga, personal growth and finding your true self just belongs together.

The spiritual side of yoga comes along with mindfulness, connecting body, mind and soul and finding to your higher self.
And although many people see yoga as a religion, it is not. You’re allowed to be of any faith or even to have no faith at all.

4. Personal and Professional Growth

As many of us think of yoga teachers as a secret society of warriors, they have very high expectations about a training. We are afraid in embracing the opportunity to stand in front of a group, to letting our own voice shine through, and to bring in their own personality into their teachings – bringing forth their own style of a yoga class.

Learning to embrace this wonderful opportunity, a yoga teacher training will gift you with the ability to develop your own teaching style. You will get the tools to give back to future students and the chance to enrich other people’s life. This is likely one of the most fulfilling things you’re about experience.

Step into this unknown space. Embrace growth. Experience your Bliss in becoming a Yoga Teacher.



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