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During our Vinyasa yoga teacher certification

Matsyasana will wake you up, ground you, and leave you feeling refreshed. Thia back bending pose lifts your heart and lightens your mood. Fish Pose strengthens your back and stretches your abdominals, Commonly practiced as a counter pose for shoulder stand inversion, the deep neck curve of this pose also benefits the thyroid. As a […]

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Yoga instructor training

At Inner yoga teacher training bali we love exploring and experiencing the powerful influence essential oils have on the body mind and spirit. If like us, you are fascinated by these tiny but mighty oils and the effect they have on our nervous system, emotions, physical body and mind, keep on reading to discover how to […]

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200 Hours Yoga Certification Courses 2020

Many of us consider morning routines to be a luxury for the self-employed, people without children or those that don’t have to work a normal 9-5 job. It can sometimes feel a little unrealistic for many of us to take time out of our mornings and incorporate self-care practices for ourselves before we begin our […]

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yoga teacher certification yin teacher training

The chakras are vortices of subtle energy within the human aura – an electromagnetic field of varying vibrational frequencies often called our luminous body. Traditionally there are 7 principle chakras – the base chakra, the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Through these chakras flow […]

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Yin Yang yoga teacher training

Everyone these days is looking for ways to achieve and maintain optimum health and lead a fulfilled life.  As a way to achieve this, we can look to the ancient Taoist concept of Yin-Yang.  According to this ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin-Yang is a concept of dualism, explaining how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are actually […]

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