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Yoga instructor training

At Inner yoga teacher training bali we love exploring and experiencing the powerful influence essential oils have on the body mind and spirit. If like us, you are fascinated by these tiny but mighty oils and the effect they have on our nervous system, emotions, physical body and mind, keep on reading to discover how to […]

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200 Hours Yoga Certification Courses 2020

Many of us consider morning routines to be a luxury for the self-employed, people without children or those that don’t have to work a normal 9-5 job. It can sometimes feel a little unrealistic for many of us to take time out of our mornings and incorporate self-care practices for ourselves before we begin our […]

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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

So you’ve just completed your 200hr yin and vinyasa teacher training with us at Inner Yoga and you are feeling energized, motivated and full of new skills and knowledge that you are ready to share with the world! But how do you start teaching? And more importantly how do you build a client base and kick […]

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Bali Yoga Teacher Training

If you’re thinking about joining a yoga teacher training certification in Bali with Inner Yoga Training or are already signed up for one, here are a few tips to bear in mind which will hopefully prepare you and help you in making the most of your yoga teacher certification program. Bring a Positive Attitude How much you […]

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