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Yoga Retreat in Bali

Congratulations on completing your Yoga Teacher Training firstly! You might be experiencing the positive vibes that the Yoga Teacher Training Retreats instill you with, after the completion of the training. The excitement of initiating your career after returning from a Yoga Retreat in Bali is sure to strike your nerve, but getting back to the daily […]

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Vinyasa Yoga Certification

Vinyasa isn’t that the word smoothly glides while pronouncing, well that’s the very essence of this form of Yoga. The Vinyasa form of Yoga is a blend of the flow of breathing and movement, and the entire form is centric to the flow. And, this is the basic reason why Vinyasa Yoga Certification is in […]

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The Benefits Of Going On A Yoga Retreat

The world has advanced in every department of life, with the use of technology things have considerably improved, the quality of life has gone notches above compared to the lives of previous generations. But technology has its own flaws which have had an impact on our routine lives. With the fast-paced life, the levels of stress have substantially increased, […]

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Vinyasa Yoga History

“Nothing is static but changes every moment.” – Edwin Bryant Vinyasa refers to the belief that nothing is static, there is always movement and with movement comes change. This principle can be projected onto our entire life. In contrast to holding static postures, vinyasa creates a dynamic flow of seamless movement bringing postures together. Beside […]

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health benefits of vinyasa yoga

  Some yoga styles are focused on relaxation, others are aimed at strengthening the physical core and flexibility, and some are simply for spiritual practice. While some claims to go beyond human senses which could be hard to prove, there are actually scientifically proven benefits of yoga – especially Vinyasa. The 4 most important benefits of […]

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