Curious about what other benefits a holistic approach to yoga could bring, Marylene devoted her time and energy to study the human mind and body and 8 limbs of yoga for the last 7 years. Splitting her life between a successful international corporate career and teaching yoga, she perfectly understood how everyday demands can get in a way of a healthy body and healthy mind, and used this experience to teach corporate yoga. In 2016, she decided to leave her corporate career to pursue a PhD in Osteopathy to deepen her knowledge of the physical body. She also completed her certifications as Reiki Master and Mindfulness coach.

Using her own experience as a guide, she approaches yoga in a holistic way to help students find peace of mind and regain self-confidence. Passionate about anatomy and yoga philosophy, she playfully combines elements of mindfulness, breath work, asanas, and physical therapy to help her students achieve their specific goals. She has trained more than 150 yoga teachers.