The Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

Bali is a beautiful destination famous not only for its scenic beauty but also for its deep roots in yoga. It features some of the most stunning landscapes on the earth that attract tourists from all over the world. Inner Yoga Training offers the best retreats in Bali to yoga enthusiasts. Bali has a rich historical background of yoga that has made it the ideal retreat destination for millions of people across the globe.

The Phenomenal Scenic Beauty of Bali

Bali is a paradise island in Indonesia that is perfect for sessions of a yoga retreat. It features vibrant oceanic shades of blue spread across the glistening freshness of the water bodies. The tranquillity surrounding this area is ideal for those who want to experience inner peace and stillness. Ubud is a serene town in Bali that offers astounding natural beauty to the visitors. If you have been searching for Ubud Yoga retreat, then you have come to the right place.

Yoga Background of Bali

Bali is blessed with deep-seated roots in yoga. Many events have
occurred in the past, which have given Bali its reputation of the best yoga
retreat destination.  In the 109 AD era, Hyang Pasupati had asked his
children to visit Bali, for maintaining the harmony of the island. Upon their
arrival, the conditions of Bali had begun to improve. Several teachings of yoga
have got conducted throughout Bali in the past. Maharsi Agastya promoted yoga
to Indonesia. Kingdom of Kalinga and Sriwijaya saw yoga preachings in 650 and
684 respectively. The yoga culture has developed fast in this country in the
modern era. The heavy influence of yogic teachers gave rise to contemporary
yoga trainers who believe in the same philosophy as their ideals.

Yoga has always focused on the lifestyle and ways about how to
improve it. It has become a way of life and theme rather than just some sort of
physical exercises. Meditation has been closely linked with yoga and has got
incorporated with several yogic practices and poses. The infusion of meditation
regime has helped the yogis to develop peace and use the techniques in gaining
better-concentrating abilities.

Inner Yoga Training

At Inner Yoga Training, you can get in-depth experience and insights related to yoga during the yoga retreat sessions. The yoga teacher training in Bali offers you professional courses that can help you become a professional yoga teacher.

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