The perfect blend of Yoga philosophy and Asana practice

Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Yoga is solely not about performing the physical postures; rather it is a blend of practicing the Asanas (Physical Postures) while being connected to the philosophy of Yoga. The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali teaches the concept of Patanjali’s eight limbs and its ethical code of Five Yamas which can be interpreted in multiple ways. Even when you go for the Best Yoga Certification, the inclusion of Yoga philosophy in the practice becomes a vital part as it deepens the Yoga practice in the entirety. By experiencing this blend in the Yoga Retreat to Bali, you will be able to incorporate it in your daily lives as well, and here are the meaning of 5 Yamas and the ways to connect them with Yoga.

  • The practice of non-violence- Ahimsa
  • The practice of truthfulness- Satya
  • The practice of non-stealing- Asteya
  • The practice of moderation- Brahmacharya
  • The practice of non-attachment- Aparigraha

Non-violence- Ahimsa

While practicing the asanas, one can use Ahimsa or the act of non-violence by knowing about the body and taking the variations accordingly, because at times achieving the full expression leads to the harshness, which in turn is an act of violence on the body. With Yoga Retreat to Bali, you will learn to be kind and loving towards your body while practicing Yoga at that moment.

Truthfulness- Satya

The idea of Satya is not just to be honest with others, but also to be honest with yourself and involving the trueness in the asana practice. One should listen to the body and rather delving in the monotonic tune, should go for the expression that the body is demanding currently. In the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, you will learn to honor the ongoing status of your body.

Non-stealing- Asteya

You should show generosity with your energies while performing the physical postures, and be channelized with the energy by being fully present at the moment. The awareness of the fact that there is the presence of energies required to take you through the practice is when you will understand the practice of non-stealing.

Moderation- Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is all about knowing the conservation of life force as that is precious. In the practice, moderation can be brought in by initiating from the center and using the core muscles to conserve the energy to give more freedom of movement to the limbs.

Non-attachment- Aparigraha

The releasing of any attachment to the consequences and being fully present at the moment is how you can indulge in the practice of non-attachment while performing the asanas. The Best Yoga Certification will bring the awareness of transitions, and leaving the consequence of any posture behind and moving forward to the next one.

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