The tips to deepen your yoga practice

Yoga Retreat Bali

The rise and fall in the course of the practice of Yoga is normal to occur, and initially, we try to grab every bit of Yoga and delve in the serenity of meditation and pranayama during the Yoga Teacher Training. But, after returning from the Yoga Retreat Bali, suddenly when you have reached the stage where the poses are mastered, and you no longer feel the same enlightened state with meditation and the practice of Yoga is put to a halt. It does not depend on the type of training be it the Vinyasa training or the Yin Teacher Training; the pause can arise after any sort of Yoga Teacher Training.

Switch from postures to concentrating on energies

The path through which you enter in the world of Yoga is one of Asanas, be it the powerful Vinyasa training’s postures, or the restorative Yin Teacher Training’s poses. While moving forward in the journey of Yoga, we should divert our focus on the subtle energies, by practicing pranayama techniques to become more focused and enhance the perseverance of the mind. Sense-withdrawal techniques can also prove beneficial in restoring the depth of Yoga practice.

Concentrate more on Yin Yoga

The Yin Teacher Training teaches you the hold of the postures, and how you can balance the postures for 3 to 5 minutes. The Yin form of Yoga is known as the restorative Yoga as it can help you release the deeply located fascia in the body and help in the free movements of the joints. Focusing on Yin Yoga will divert your senses from performing the tough asanas, to concentrate on restoration of energies.

Know the power of Yoga Nidra

The Yogic sleep taught in the Yoga Teacher Training is best known to clear the body, mind, and soul of any impurities. This technique involves focusing on the various parts of the body accompanied by visualization, which is best to experience at Yoga Retreat Bali. The power of Yoga Nidra is seen in cleansing the toxins accumulated due to the tension and stress taken by the body, and mind.

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