The universal balance of Yin Yoga and the Energy Meridians

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In the case of unbalanced or misdirected energies, your meridians require unblocking and balancing. Yin Yoga Teacher Training will help you to get rid of the blocked energies, thoughts, and feelings while getting a Yin Yoga Teacher Certification. And, the direction of the energies to release the blocks of the meridians will be more fruitful. With the balance of meridians through Yin Yoga in a Yoga Teacher Training Bali, you will tend to have a clear vision along with proper functioning of the body and you will experience the best version of yourself.

The feminine and meditative practice of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the representation of femininity and softness and the poses in this form of Yoga are held for a longer period of time and are done with stillness. In Yin Yoga Teacher Training when you hold the poses then the focus tends to get diverted from the chaos of the outside world and you become more inwards and start to concentrate on the transitions of the mind. Yin Yoga can prove to be a boon in finding mindfulness through meditation and helps in finding the required tranquility to silence the mind.

Effect of Yin Yoga on Meridians of energies

When you hold the poses in Yin Yoga you go into the deeper layers of the body to release the tension from within. And, not only are you working on the stuck blocks of the body, but also on the energies of the body. The meridians of energies flow through the channels called the chakras which are the energetic wheels of the subtle body. In a Yin Yoga Teacher Certification, you will learn to balance the energies and release the blocked areas of the meridians.

Benefits of balancing the Meridians of Energies

  • Enhanced Energies
  • Improved health and strength
  • The stability of emotions
  • Increased stamina and intuition
  • Recognition of your true self
  • The feeling of contentment
  • You get to experience the Yoga Teacher Training Bali
  • You connect strongly with nature
  • Leaving behind the unbalanced parts of the meridians of energies like greed and anger
  • The tranquil state of mind
  • You tend to become more focused and concentrated.

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