Can Vinyasa Yoga cure anxiety and depression?

Vinyasa yoga for anxiety and depression

Depression is a prevalent problem amongst teens and even adults these days–all the more reason for you to become a positive influence in the community and encourage more people to practice yoga, especially vinyasa yoga, because of its positive benefits to our mind, body, mood, and spirit.

  • Vinyasa Yoga for relaxation

Vinyasa yoga, in essence, focuses on relaxation techniques and endurance with faster-paced movement sequences. This style of yoga practice that focuses on relaxation is particularly helpful in battling anxiety, as feeling anxious will cause your breathing to become shallow, constricted, and rapid—making your nervous system to spike more.

  • Vinyasa yoga to control breathing

While learning to control your breathing may sound too simple a cure, this has significant effects on your body.  Vinyasa yoga links breathing and movement, as the pacing starts slow and gradually get faster. By practicing Vinyasa yoga, you will learn how to keep a calm, steady breathing that will signal your brain and body to remain grounded and stable despite a stressful situation. This trains your body to respond better to stress, calms your nervous system, and interrupts your worry cycles.

The focus on deep breathing and stretching your body at the same time is also effective in relieving the symptoms of depression, such as sleep troubles or lack of sleep–which significantly contributes to depression, pain, and loss of energy.

  • Vinyasa Yoga for self-acceptance

Cristina Pierce who was clinically diagnosed with anxiety and depression wrote in her online article How I Beat Depression With Yoga, that discovering Vinyasa Yoga helped her gain focus and accept herself.

“Vinyasa helped me to develop self-acceptance, focus and overall gratitude at a level that I had never experienced before.  With less stress in my life and an overall feeling of happiness, I finally started to understand why the doctor had prescribed yoga,” she narrates.

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