What is so unique about the Mudras?

What is so unique about the Mudras?

The Mudras are an essential part of meditation and yoga. They have plenty of uses and can help you maximize your potential by enhancing your capabilities. It helps to channel the energy upon the meditated subject. If you have been looking for a Yoga Teacher Training, then you have come to the right spot. These Mudras are special and unique; you can continue to read about them below.

Gyana Mudra (Psychic Gesture of Knowledge)

It is the most famous Mudra that is known to the world. You can see the meditators practicing this Mudra. It helps to improve the concentration and sharpens the memory. It is ideal for meditating to get insights about your personal life. This Mudra is best suited for gaining knowledge.

Buddhi Mudra (Psychic Gesture of Mental

This Mudra is ideal for gaining mental clarity. It helps to improve communication and also assist in getting answers related to the subconscious. You can get intuitive answers related to your dreams and anything that puzzles you using this Mudra in meditation.

Shunya Mudra (Psychic Gesture of Void or Empty)

This Mudra can give you alertness and enhance your sensory abilities. It filters out the thoughts and purifies the emotions perfect for those who are suffering from emotional turmoil.

Prana Mudra (Psychic Gesture of Vital Air)

The prana Mudra is one of the most essential Mudra s as it deals with the life force or the prana. It is the life energy that is present in all the living creatures. This Mudra can help you awaken the dormant power inside of you and make you aware of the prana that surrounds you.

Dhyana Mudra (Psychic Gesture of Meditation)

This gesture can be found in most of the
Buddha poses. It gives you the ability to go into the deeper and profound
meditation maximizing your concentration. It helps to bring tranquillity and
peace to the one who practices it in meditation.

Surya Mudra (Psychic Gesture of Fire)

This Mudra is ideal for increasing the fire element inside the body. Since the core temperature gets increased here, one can easily ward off the cold. It can also assist in reducing the heaviness present in the body.

Apana Mudra (Psychic Gesture of Life Force)

The Apana Mudra is perfect for those who want to improve their digestion, not only physical but mental and emotional. It is known to ward off the evil that exists in the environment and keep the body protected.

Ganesha Mudra (Psychic Gesture of Ganesh)

The Ganesha Mudra can help you bring positivity and eliminate the obstacles that exist in your life. You can gain courage using this Mudra and help to place the attention into the heart chakra for opening your lungs and heart to the meditated subject.

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