What to expect in a Beginner Yoga Teacher Training

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It’s almost midnight and it just occurred to you that you’ve been researching beginner yoga teacher training courses for the past three hours. We’ve all been here. Maybe you’re even hitting that stage of doubt … questioning whether this is really something you should launch yourself into.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Do I have enough years of yoga practice under my belt to enroll in a teacher training?” or “ Am I supposed to want to teach after this? If I don’t, is it a waste of money?”


Stop. Right. There.


Here’s a better question for you: “Do I want to take quality time to invest in myself and find the true meaning behind living and not existing?”

If your answer to this question is YES , then rid yourself of the doubt, fear, uncertainty and hit send on the deposit button.

Now, what can you expect? Read on:

The TOP 5 Takeaways from a Beginner Yoga Teacher Training

1. Meet Like-Minded People

Beginner yoga teacher training

Joining a beginner yoga teacher training is like signing up to spend time with strangers who have the same goals and interest as you in respects to yoga. Those in pursuit of a yogic life see yoga as a way to attain a happy, selfless, introspective, and balanced lifestyle.

The experience of completing a training with strangers often reveals a sense of healthy vulnerability and an opportunity to open yourself up to learning new ideas, perspectives and ways of living.

Read what others say about our trainings. 

2. Sweat

Learning inversions in yoga teacher training

If you are wondering if it be physically demanding, the answer is yes. Yoga teacher trainings are intensive for a reason. Expect to practice twice daily, sometimes even three times. Your practice will be instrumental in the development of your yoga teaching capabilities, as well as your deep dive into meditation practice.

3. Go Inward

Aspiring yoga teachers

If you come out of a YTT the same person as you entered into it, you missed something significant. Allowing yourself to be open to some rather uncomfortable practices that may simply be foreign to you, and then sharing your experiences amongst your group will, without question, bring about great change.

Some of the most powerful moments might happen after completing an asana practice, but it also may happen after you chant a mantra in sanskrit, or after surrendering into a mediation … it’s these moments compiled together after a month of training that yield positive results in the makeup of who you are walking out of your YTT.

4. Breakdown

Beginner Yoga Teacher Training & Meditation

Around week three, my trainer always said to be mindful of those who are facing their challenges, their struggles, and allowing emotions to surface. Many, if not most people in a YTT might hit a point in the training that gives way to an emotional release.

Often times, asanas we exercise evoke feelings, emotions, or memories. In yoga practice, you will be taught the importance of allowing these feelings or fleeing thoughts to come, to acknowledge them, and then release them. This can and often will lead to that moment of extreme clarity, which might feel like a breakdown.

5. Alive & Enlightened

Yoga benefits body, mind and soul

Completing 200 hours of training is no easy feat. Yes, you will leave feeling physically stronger, but you will also feel mentally stronger. To gain mental strength is to gain knowledge, perspective, and self-compassion. Yoga is the doorway to just this.

People say that knowledge is power, and it is true. There is a joy and an awakening when you invest your time into learning how to live a more yogic life. You will be more present, you will be more kind to yourself & to others, and most importantly, you will have the tools to carry you throughout life about how to choose happiness.

Go ahead and click this link in order to know what to expect in a beginner yoga teacher training. Also read about Inner Yoga Training’s approach, what they offer and which values they live by.

This post was written by Laura Orland. Laura did her 200 hr Vinyasa Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Inner Yoga Training in May 2018. She is a journalist and yoga teacher.

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