Why We Decided Against An Online Yoga Teacher Training

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With the current situation in the world travel plans have been postponed, retreats have been cancelled and many yoga schools have decided to take their yoga teacher trainings and retreats online. The past few months has forced us to adapt quickly here in the yoga world especially if we want to keep up with our regular schedules and stay afloat. At Inner Yoga we thought long and hard about shifting our 200hr Yin and Vinyasa training online, but eventually took the difficult decision to hold out until the world went back to normal again. Here’s why..

Anyone who’s done their 200hr YTT with us will tell you it really is an experience like no other. We take an enormous amount of pride in making our training a fully immersive experience that will take you away from the distractions of daily life and allow you to go completely inward. Our training is a full transformation experience that we really didn’t believe could be shifted online. Azadi retreat has been specially designed to cater for all the needs of the students throughout the duration of the course and create a “yoga bubble” where the students become family and the beautiful energy created in the retreat can be contained. Because the retreat is all inclusive there is no need to venture outside unless in the evenings or on the days off to explore Ubud and other attractions nearby.

Another reason we took the decision to keep the trainings in person is because we really value the hands-on approach that the teachers can have with our students. In our asana clinics teachers can physically adjust the students and teach them how to do safe and appropriate adjustments when they are teaching, our teachers can also see the physical progress of our students and give them real-time feedback and encouragement. For us, this aspect of the course really is invaluable and something we didn’t believe we would be able to replicate online.

Although we absolutely admire our colleagues in the yoga industry for the fantastic efforts they are making to ensure yoga teacher training bali courses are still available during the pandemic, we look forward to January when Bali opens again to international tourism and we can begin our courses again. We can’t wait to welcoming our students with warm hugs and open hearts, and to continue to create life-long friendships, memories and experiences that last a lifetime. We thank all of our students past and future for their patience, understanding and support and cannot wait to open the doors to Azadi again in the New Year.