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The ultimate Yoga Teacher Training Packing List

You are just about to leave your home for joining a yoga teacher training. But now you’re asking yourself what to pack? Well, let’s say a yoga teacher training probably won’t require you to pack heavy loads of trekking shoes, pullovers, camping gear or similar. Usually, you don’t even need as many things as you might expect. Many yoga teacher trainings take place in tropical places such as Bali, Costa Rica or Thailand so you are good to go with light clothes. Yet, there are a few things that are worth to take into account when preparing for your journey to become a yoga teacher. Here is a yoga teacher training packing list with some of my favorite gadgets.

1. Yoga Mat (it doesn’t need to be the newest one)

Nowadays, most teacher trainings provide yoga mats, blankets and probs. But not always do those mats have the best quality. Plus, you might want to bring your own mat because you prefer practicing on your personal mat (and you don’t need to think about whose sweaty feet have stepped onto the mat before). If you are traveling long-term, we recommend using a travel yoga mat which is light-weight and foldable so it easily fits into your luggage.

Travel yoga mats we recommend:

  • Jade Yoga Travel mat
  • Manduka eko® superlite travel yoga mat
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2. Journal

You will be writing down a lot. On the one hand you will need many white pages to write down notes that you take during your classes. But you will also need some space for personal notes and thoughts that you want to write down during the day. So, bring at least one notebook to write down your month during the yoga teacher training.

3. Pack a Sarong

We also highly recommend to bring a Sarong. Many yoga teacher trainings are being held in countries like India or Bali, where it is obligatory to wear a sarong when entering a cultural site for religious reasons. Apart from this, a sarong can be used for multiple purposes: like as a light blanket, as a cover in the evening or as a dress at the beach.

4. Bring enough Yoga wear

Definitely pack some good yoga wear. For the ladies, especially in tropical countries, you will need more than just one yoga top. I struggled for a long time to find the right yoga clothes for me that really fit, which are ethically made, have a good quality material and look great at the same time.

Check out those online shops to find your perfect yoga wear.

  • Moonchild yoga wear
  • Prana Yoga wear
  • Indigo Luna | Women’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Wear & Swimwear in Australia
  • Teeki Online Store
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5. Magnesium

Magnesium is great to help your body reset after a long and sweaty yoga class in the morning. It nourishes your body with the essential mineral, that is needed to maintain a good nerve and muscle function as well as to rebuild and grow tired muscles and tissue. We recommend finding a magnesium supplement that comes with as little additives as possible to not unnecessarily stress your body.

6. Bring a Water Bottle

Bring your own water bottle. In my opinion, it is way better (and cheaper) to refill your own re-usable bottle than using plastic bottles which need to be bought over and over again. Drinking water is often provided for free at a yoga teacher training. Also, it is not recommended to bring glasses or cups to the yoga shala to avoid injuries through broken pieces of glass.

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7. Yoga Mat Spray

Also, I suggest to bring a yoga mat spray with you. According to the practice of saucha (cleanliness), which is an essential part of a yogic practice, it is recommended to have a clean space and thus having a clean mat to practice on. Yoga mat spray can often be found in organic stores where it is made with natural ingredients. So it doesn’t harm the environment nor your body.

8. Your personal Accessories

I see many students bringing a personal belonging to their class – like a talisman, a small crystal, a jewelry or a Mala. Place it next to your mat, make a wish or dedicate your practice to it – it is just a nice little habit.

Share with us your packing list suggestions in the comments below.

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