Why Bali is the Perfect Location for your Yoga Teacher Training

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If you’ve been considering a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Course and are feeling overwhelmed at all the choices, styles and destinations out there to choose from, this blog is here to help give you a little insight on why Bali is the number one destination for yoga, meditation and personal transformation.

Commonly referred to as the Island of the Gods, Bali is a breath-taking destination rich in culture, tradition and natural beauty. Many travelers find themselves returning to Bali time and time again, and with good reason! It’s a place that captures your heart, inspires your senses and truly makes you feel as if you are an old friend returning home. The Balinese people live a life steeped in tradition, so as you walk the streets it’s common to see various offerings or rituals they present daily to their gods. It’s an island with a long history of spiritual tradition and devotion, where the people adopt a karmic view of life and are genuinely happy, loving and caring towards each other.

Why is Bali such a popular destination for yoga and personal transformation? 

Over the past few years Bali has become somewhat of a health and wellness hub with so many people from all corners of the globe travelling to seek stillness, inner peace and wellbeing. Ubud has quickly grown into one of the major yoga destinations of the world, with its idyllic streets lined with healthy restaurants, spas and juice bars it’s hard not find yourself slowing down, taking a breath and feeling more grounded the minute you arrive. There is a beautiful marriage between old and new; temples, traditional cuisine and beautiful scenery sit alongside little boutique shops, trendy restaurants and bars. Ubud really does have something for everyone and is a place that immediately feels like home, the locals are warm and friendly and with so many yoga and wellness retreats dotted around it’s easy to make friends with like-minded travelers.

Our Retreat   

Azadi retreat will be your home away from home on your yoga teacher training; nestled in between rice fields, jungle and conveniently located a stone’s throw away from Ubud’s town center it’s a perfect location to unwind, relax and go inwards. Our 200hr YTT, unlike others in the area, is 100% all-inclusive offering beautiful accommodation, 3 nutritious vegetarian meals a day and a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified qualification. Our staff are there to look after you and make your stay as comfortable and seamless as possible. We offer airport transfers to and from the retreat and affordable laundry service with pick up and drop off at your convenience.

Because our retreat hosted completely on site it means the group you train with become your family, your free time can be spent socializing together, exploring the many attractions in the area or relaxing by the pool.  We have many different options to choose from for accommodation from shared to single rooms at affordable prices with daily cleaning and all amenities provided. click the link here to find out more about your stay: https://www.inneryogatraining.com/accommodation-options/

If you are looking to make your Yoga Teacher Training in Bali a truly life-changing experience combined with stunning views, beautiful nature and rich culture, Bali really is the destination for you. our 200hr Yin and Vinyasa training is the best in the area with an all-inclusive destination, experienced trainers and worry-free travel. Visit www.inneryogatraining.com or email us at [email protected]to start your Inner Yoga experience today.